The following information is needed to setup a new list at the University of Manchester. Your request will be passed to the IT Service Desk for validation and approval. Once approved (we aim to have a full working day response), you will be able to modify the list options and subscribers list. The list starts off with the owner as the only subscriber.

Our FAQ document is available to help you fill in this form.

Contact details:



List Details
List Name (Please read guidance on list naming)
List Description (?)
Long List Description (?)


List Owner (?)

List Owner email

Who can send to the list (?)

Public - Anyone can send mail to the list.
Private - Only members of the list can send mail to the list.
Moderated - Anyone can send mail to the list but the moderator must approve it before it is passed to others on the list. Recommended for all communications with students.

How many subscribers do you expect to have? (?)

Around 100 or less
Around 500
Around 5,000

Subscription requests (?)

By Owner - Subscription requests are forwarded to list owners who must add all the members.
Open,Confirm - Anyone can subscribe to the list. They will be asked to confirm their email address.
Closed - Subscription requests are denied. Owner must add all members.

Should people who post to the list receive an acknowledgement of their post? (?)


Should people who post to the list receive a copy of their own post? (?)


Reply-to (?)

List - Reply defaults to the list, therefore all members of the list will see all replies. Best for discussion lists.
Sender - Reply defaults to sender only. Best for announcement type of lists but does not guarantee that other members will not see replies.

View subscribers (?)

 Who may obtain the members' names and e-mail addresses

Members of the list

Archive (?)

No - Do not archive messages
Yes - Archive messages for viewing by only Manchester Users via web.


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